Redefine the Leadership. Embrace Autonomy.

Hi! My name is Filip

I support organizations of all sizes in team development, delivery processes, work culture, and operational strategies. I focus on delivering consistent value to customers and fostering an entrepreneurial, trusting work environment. By creating safe and encouraging environments, I help teams challenge themselves and grow. Utilizing techniques like Coaching, Team Coaching, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and holacratic practices, I enhance team maturity and cohesion.

My work goes beyond methodologies; it’s about elevating teams to greater heights of capability and entrepreneurship. I focus on individual journeys, teaching the power of consent, and building a culture of understanding and unity. Let’s connect and explore how I can help your team reach its next milestone.

Currently, you can work with me on these topics

Team Coaching

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Workshops & Trainings

Some companies I worked with

Santander Bank Polska

Guiding Organizational Transformation into more Agile ways of working. Designing and orchestrating the change. Supporting senior and middle management as well as several teams.


Taking care of Cross-functional team (CoE work) responsible for delivering Financial Insights feature. Reponsible for deliver/processs and efficiency of the team


Responsible for improving organizational culture, and project delivery


Series of trainings in the topic of Agility for management


Responsible for introducing more agile ways of working, delivery of critical internal software and changes of the delivery processes.